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Two reviews of Rainbow Over Hell have been posted at kilroywashere.org.

Musician/artist Yoshika Caraig has read Rainbow Over Hell in both Japanese and English. She calls it a "one-of-a-kind story, which no one should miss" and says, "Once one starts reading it, one cannot put it down."

Patrick Tillery, editor of Kilroywashere.org, calls the book a "gripping read" and "one of the best personal descriptions of warfare I have seen." He heartily recommends this book to anyone "but especially those Marines who fought on Saipan."

Patrick Tillery also gave it a five-star review on Amazon.com (Rainbow Over Hell is not yet available on Amazon.com, but I anticipate that it will be in the near future.)

Many thanks to Yoshika and Patrick for the wonderful reviews!

Announcements about Rainbow Over Hell also appear on Stone & Stone Second World War Books and Axis History Forum. It is also mentioned in the most recent Spectrum blogsphere.

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