Battle of Saipan Links

On the sidebar on the right, I've added links to some sites that discuss the Battle of Saipan. I'd like to highlight a few that may be particularly interesting to readers of Rainbow Over Hell:

The American Memorial Park site showcases photos of artifacts from the Battle of Saipan. Profiles of Japanese holdouts features a brief biography of Captain Sakae Oba, leader of that famous last group of men to surrender on Saipan, including Saburo Arakaki. A Trip to Saipan is one individual's travel diary, complete with photographs that give glimpses into Saipan's geography. PBS tells Koyu Shiroma's amazing story of leaping from Suicide Cliff only to survive, and the site includes Shiroma's plea to help him find his long-lost sisters.

If there are other sites that you believe should be added to the list of links, please let me know. Thank you.


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I live on Saipan now. You can link to my blog if you want:



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